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Say The Word

Theres a skill, its nothing we could learn at school

With a will to survive beneath this rule

Money thrives as corruptions president

Waste the life of the yong and innocent

But after all and the resistant can be disobeyed

So, when we call, please dont think twice or be afraid

Hey, mister, say something

Say the word - if your eyes are open

Say the word - before this love is broken

(say the word)

The lights are down, but you dont sleep so tight

The words around that we play for keeps tonight

As we all know even the best made plans go wrong sometimes

But if it blows well be the ones they victimize

Hey, mister, say something

(chorus) (chorus) (chorus) (chorus) (chorus)

To put this right


Duran Duran

Say The Word / Duran Duran

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