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Hate Blood

Jermaine Dupri] (Freeway)


Y'all got hate in your blood

(This is fucked up)

Y'all got hate in your blood

(This is fucked up man)

Y'all got hate in your blood

[Jermaine Dupri]


I know y'all niggas want me

I hear y'all niggas plottin'

I see y'all niggas lookin'

But I ain't stoppin', I'm gone, in something fast

Through the city with no top

That reach 220 on the dash, I'm so hot

In everybody's hood with other niggas' hoes

I'm throwin' paper at them bitches

Screamin' So So

Now every spot I hit

I'm hearing different shit

About homies that want me that weren't with me when I started this

It's fucked up but I

But I can't let these niggas blurry my vision

On where I'm going and how I'm living, ya know?

I got a daughter now, young age three

If her daddy don't shine, then my shorty won't eat

Feel me?

Do I floss? YES!

Sometimes I hit the block so damn hard I start hatin' my self

It's bad, I feel your pain dawg

But the only thing I'm about to change is the game motherfucker!

1 - [Freeway] (JD)

If you're sick of seeing niggas pop Cris

And talkin' bout stacking chips

You know what?!

(You got hate in your blood)

Sick of seeing Bentley's

And hearing niggas talk about sittin' on dubs

(You got hate in your blood)

If you're sick of seeing artists

And hearing artists

You know what!

(You got hate in your blood)

Listen I know you niggas want me

I hear you niggas plottin'

I see you niggas lookin'

But I ain't stoppin, it's on


Papi had raw, then I bought him out

You know me, fuck niggas

Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out

Rapid fire got my hands shakin'

And everybody hate dyin'

But most niggas die hatin'

While y'all run to the bank

I run to the brink

A real thug keep the Tommy gun under the mink

I got a glass kitchen

You can see what's under my sink

And I do shit just to do it

Too much money to think

So you can hate all you want

I'mma still be 'Kiss

Dirty, a lot of paper, filthy rich

JD's the architect, he built these hits

Ruff Ryder's, So So Def, feel this shit

And you can tell any one of your boys

You might find 'em in a hood near you and any one of his toys

Cause I know you got hate in your blood

Still dump eight in your mug

So cock sucker take it and love, uh

Repeat 1

[Jermaine Dupri]

Somebody tell me why man

Somebody tell me why

Do niggas just hate, hate, hate the way they do man

Let me explain something to y'all about me man

Why y'all think I was the first rap nigga on Mtv Cribs?

Cause I'm a young, fly, flashy motherfucker

Y'all think I'mma stop, FUCK NAW

I'mma keep ridin' down the block with my hat bent

In the black bent, with them dubs on that shit

We gon' still be in the club poppin' Cristal

Pourin' Belvidere on bitches


A matter of fact I wish I could smack the shit

Out of one y'all niggas right now with some money

But you know what I'm saying

Cause y'all niggas just hate, hate, hate

Well y'all gonna have to just keep hatin' motherfuckers

Repeat 1 (2x)


Jermaine Dupri

Hate Blood / Jermaine Dupri

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