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Everything About You

It's everything about you

Girl this is why I like you like I do

It's everything about you

Your face, got them lips I wanna taste

Got them light, brown eyes

And that smile

Girl you got yourself together

Your hair, French tip toes

Soft hands

So freshly manicured

Girl I'm sure

Ain't no one can look no better


There ain't no where

That I can take you girl

Without you shut'n it down

With that smooth skin tone

There ain't noone you'd meet

That wouldn't wanna snatch you up

Nad take you home

And get you home

And get you all alone


Girl this is why I like you like I do

It's everything about you

I'm so into you

Girl I like it when you do me

Like you do

It's everything about you, yeah

It's everything bout you girl

Classy yet so sassy, nasty

Sexy from front to back

From where I am at

I can't wait to buckle that

Your hips, your thighs, your waist

You back. Your curves, your shape

Girl you got everything

Just right for me



Girl you stay, on my mind

Girl, all of the time

Drivin' me crazy, feelin you baby

And I can't hide the way I feel about you baby

I don't wanna try


I like it how you're lovin' me

I like it how u make me feel

I like it when I'm next to you

Likin' all the things you do

[Repeat chorus]

Everything About You /

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