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Last Temptation

Shuddering night, empty streets, a cat cries
A darking dog, one little girl
On her way to eternity
In her hand, are plastic bag, one cigarette
To cam down, a sad face
Lost her friends, her hopefulness
Eyes full of tears, but have no fear, no hope
Senceless life, no escape
Only white powder, which could help
Arteries are craving, head is exploding
Thoughts are running, hands are shivring
Nevres is gi crazy, stomach is vibration
A gloomy station, one toilet room
Ugly smell, dirty walls
Drunken man, horrible sluts
Hey, little girl, go away!
A candle is burning, to cook the stuff
The spoon is filled, with deadly fluid
Synnge is fixed, to shoot inside
In her young flesh
The neal forces, one's way
The poison spreads in blood
Runs from body in head
Pain ache let you suffer
Drug creates a horror trip


Last Temptation / ATROCITY

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