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My Angel / How Could You

Spoken (This is dedicated to my real angel Ms. Joan I Milburn Green love you


You taught me everything

In life I'd need

Sometimes I felt you were

My everything

And if it were all left up to me

You'd be right beside me

But you're gone

Although I know

You're in a better place

So selfishly

I wish you could've stayed

How I long to hear you call my name

Lord give me the strength to carry on

And on

If you talk to my angel'

The one who carried me and gave me life

Could you tell her that I love her

And I can't wait to see her on the other side

Wooh (4x's)

Do Do Do Do Do

Rest in peace mommy

I love you


Was it all in vain when I gave my

life to you, did I make the right decicions

Lord tell what am I supposed to do?


How do I fight temptation when my life

is full of sin, and if I ever fall from your

grace will you accept me again


I want to know if I'm washed in your blood

will you set my whole life free, if so (if so)

then I'll continue to love thee


How could you forgive me

how could you forgive me when my

life was filled with sin (your arm were

open wide) when your arms were open, I turned

my back and then you continue to bless me it's

no further from the truth,(there's

no doubt about it) I said there's no

doubt about it, never find a friend like you


Why do you do it(oh why?)

when it seems I've forgotten you it

just shows you know my heart and there is

none like you


You're the light in the midst of darkness

(darkness) it you who made a sound(made the

sound) if anyone can f

Dru Hill

My Angel / How Could You / Dru Hill

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