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Ill Be The One

I'll be the one

I'll be the one

I heard a rumor there's a vacancy

Somebody said he put you down

Seems he found pleasure in some other girl

Baby, he's dogging you around

So now yhou're looking for a special guy

Someone that you can call your boo

A man that cares about your feelings girl

A man to just be good to you


[1] - I'll be the one making you feel alright

I'll be the one doing the things you like

I'll be the one keeping you up at night

I'll be the lover in your life

I'll be the one you're gonna wanna call, yeah

I'll be the one making you climb the walls

I'll be the one gon' have you beggin' me

I'll be the one, the one you need

You gave him seven years of your life

To think about it akes you cry

Why don't you come with me

I'll make it right

Let's bump that nigga outta your mind

Let's take a ride baby, no special place, yeah

Somewhere where we can be alone, hey

Take off our clothes and let our feelings flow

I wanna groove you all night long

I'll be the one

[Repeat 1]

Here's the thing you should know about me, yeah

Jazz is the man when it comes to ladies

I know what I want

Baby I'm keepin' it real, said real babe

Ain't no him now that you're with me

That's the way that it's gotta be

If you're down, then be down

Don't be playin' around with my heart, oh no

I'll be the one

[Repeat 1]

I'll be the one

I'll be the one

Dru Hill

Ill Be The One / Dru Hill

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