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Abyss Of Addiction

In the dark night, pleasure arise
Searching for lust, thirst for sex
The oldest bisiness, in this world
Shows itself, a whole noght long
She stands here - waiting for - anither John
One more night - I doesn't count - anyway
No way out - a stranded girl - fired light
Exrensive stuff - let you work - at this place
Seductive syringe
Those old false friends -
they're go - to left her alone
A big car stops - an old man inside - ugly and fat
"How much is it?" - "I'm rich!" - "So let's go!"
The next morning - you'll buy - another
Having no hope - my time is timeless
Worthless buik - only for earning money
Used to be - a MANhandled person
Lost the pride - of a lighthearted girl
Seductive syringe
Abyss of addiction
"You are here again
At this whicked place
Men look at you
They want to pay the price
He wants to set you free
He wants to be your real friend
"It's time for you to leave"
He is an addict, too
He needs the same help
Both have the same aim
To escape from this hell
After a few years
They want to come together
Make a withdrawal treatment
And courage each other:
Hold out to the end
Resist ...and leave
After midnight you hear screams
Addicted bodies want their rations
Painful days, sleeples nights
Always greedy of more pills, of more pills
Take care of your life
After one week without H
They're thinking it's all over
Having new hope and courage
Time to leave their dirty flat, dirty flat!
One new man is born
One new girl is born
Death can wait for them
How they wanna live!
Full of happiness
Both are careless
Going out of the flat
To walk down the streets
She reads the newspaper of today
Another guy died by an overdose
But new victims are ready to die
Smiling faces of the big bosses


Abyss Of Addiction / ATROCITY

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