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In My Bed So So Def Rmx

[Jermaine Dupri]

You wanna dance?

Ha, I'ma make you dance

You wanna move?

Ha, I'ma make you move

Dru Hill come on

[Dru Hill]

I got this feeling

I can't turn it loose

That somebody else is getting next to you

Can't walk around

Like I was your fool

Cause being who I am I can't lose my cool

My friends keep telling me bout things going on

But deep in my heart babe

I hope that I'm wrong


Somebody's sleepin' in my bed

Messin' with my head

Takin' my place

(Somebody's sleepin' in my bed)

Sleepin' in bed

Messin' with my head

Takin' my place

(Takin my place, Oh oh)

I come home early expecting your warm embrace

But something's wrong cause it's written on your face

(Written on your face)

Cause it hurts so bad when I walk through the door

But you know one thing

I ain't comin' back no more

Don't try to tell me things are still the same

Cause when we made love I heard you call out his name


What else did you want?

What else did you need?

Giving you everything plus my heart

I gave you the world (Yes I did)

Cause you were my girl (Oh yes I)

But you still ran out on me

[Jermaine Dupri]

Uh, fly shit, differnt colors whips

I got plenty big hits, all kinda dips

Got too many

[Da Brat]

My life ain't complete if I ain't got no buzz

And can't nobody do it like we does

It's a must brat bust and the mike you hand to me

And represent for the rest of the family

[Jermaine Dupri]

Well I'm known for makin' moves on my own big songs

And now I keep it commin' stong till the early morn

[Da Brat]

Lemme interrupt

Your regular schedule

Twistin' off high levels of bubonic

Chokin' amateurs till they vomit

[Jermaine Dupri]

I make em sick cause I'm the williest

[Da Brat]

Too much for you to deal with

My niggas that ride quick

Survive or die bitch

[Jermaine Durpi]

Why switch this remix hurts everyday

It's like this and I never stop puttin it in work

I rock from L.A. to Dru Hill

Something you can feel

All I'm about is that dolla dolla bill

What the deal?

[Da Brat]

Funkier than parliment

Stay bent behind tent

And keep a nigga payin' my rent

My goldier scent lingers

VVS describes best what's on the fingers

[Jermaine Dupri]

We make believers out of dreamers

[Chorus till fade...]

Dru Hill

In My Bed So So Def Rmx / Dru Hill

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