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5 Steps

I don't know how much longer

you're going to be here

so I say my prayers

every night

One for my mother

One for my father

and one for the love of my life

so if you decide to leave today

then leave tomorrow at the door

and take only

half of yesterday

and forget all hopes for the present

cause it jus went away

We were 5 steps

from eternity

4 steps

4steps past love

and 3 wishes

From touching the heavens above.

Another day is gone

another night now dawn

waiting patiently hoping you'll return

But before long

why'd you say gooddbye

I still feel your presence

in my bed at night.

And what was reality once

true love in form

is now added pain for a man's scorn

Forced to wear the memories of pain around an empty heart

Now I sit in silence and begin to think

As laughter echoes through the air

I can't get you off my mind

But a whole new love

I could never bare

So now I lay me

down to sleep

And I pray my lord my soul to keep

And if I die, before I wake

then I promise

I'll be there for you always

We were 5 steps

from eternity yea

4 steps

4steps past love

and 3 wishes

said we were 3 wishes um um um

from touching the heavens above.

(repeat till end)

Dru Hill

5 Steps / Dru Hill

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