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Praying For The One Whos Left

Now I can see the time going back slowly...


Plagues and medieval terror are evidences in my sight.

Prophets of philosophers...

It's evolution that everybody has searched for.

It's led us to a could and colorless past...

Hear the dead... You have just two days before becoming like everyone!

Where is the God to cure and save the sick?

I can hear the people praying for the one who's left, carrying a cross to escape from the hell...

A hurricane destroys cities in its way! Oceans overflow and islands drown!

Someone runs to the churches to pray his last prayers! Someone saves his soul.

Someone saves his fortune... The end is near!!!!

Souls are burning in black fire.

The fire of the endless pain!!!

And now I can fell the time going back slowly.

It's led us to a cold and colorless past!!!

Praying For The One Whos Left /

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