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Caught In a Jar

- Lyrics: McColgan, Barton -

Now there comes a day, in every man's life Where decisions have to be made: Whether to toil, Labor or just plain piss your days away, Away, Away!

chorus: Got a funny feeling that my times are Caught in a jar.... Madness and Insanity Have arrived.... Know to Christ and everyone Else my times are caught in a jar Satan's Grin is bearing down on me

Up in the morn, here comes the day, God knows I hate it this way when I'm in a casket Life, fighting the wife, neglecting the kids, spending Time on rediculous bids, the four walls Are closing in


Still got a funny feeling that my times Are caught in a jar, madness and insanity Have arrived

Dropkick Murphys

Caught In a Jar / Dropkick Murphys

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