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Its Over

Here we go again

Fighting over who started the argument

Now why can't you and I just get along??

Its unfortunate, that its hard for me to even give you compliments

When all you do is bitch bout what is wrong. Wrroooonnnggg

I wish I didn't have to say.


Its over, but believe me girl its better this way

Too many second times around,

Too many times we let each other down.

Its over, I never meant for us to end up this way

And all though it hurts like hell, I'd rather you save tomorrow

For someone else.

Now don't you get teary eyed

And act in disbelief like its ah big surprise

That one day you use tah threaten to walk out on me

And then one day we'll both look back and laugh at the stupid

Things that made us mad

And maybe decide to give our love yet another try

I wish oh I wish I didn't have to say.Repeat chorus

Do you.Do you think I'm enjoying this

I'm trying not to cry

I've had it up to here

I'm tired of living in misery

And I hope that we could still be friends

Once we put aside all this bitterness

Cause I still care about you

YesI wish I didn't have to say.Chorus

I'd rather you save forever for someone else.

Its Over /

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