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He Dont Know S**t

Girl, why you cryin' on my shoulder

talkin' 'bout how he's being mean to you

why can't you tell him that it's over

and give his ass the boot

you keep on clingin' on to the hope he'll come around

well I hate to let you know baby girl

that one day he's gonna beat you down

you think he's different (no!)

you think he loves you (hell no!)


He don't know shit about love

you gotta move on

gotta open your eyes

gotta be strong

and realize

he only cares about himself

He don't know shit about love

you may be blind and I know

you're gonna do what you're gonna do

but I swear

if he ever lays a hand on you

I'll break the mutha fucka in two

verse 2

Does it turn you on

when he says that he's out with his friends

then they call asking where he's gone

is this your idea

of a love that's real

no I don't think so

if you had a little girl would you want her to

find a man like that

oh no

he's lied to you

he's cheated on you

is that the kind of man you dreamed of

I don't think so

'cause if you ask me

repeat hook


He don't know shit about love

pretty mama

can't you see that he's no good for you

don't be no fool


repeat hook 2x

He Dont Know S**t /

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