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 D.r.i. D.r.i.рок-группа


Old battered building

Ready to condemn

High valued property

Expensive piece of land

Half fill with tenants

All poor on welfare

No heat or electricity

And slumlord doesn't care

Slumlord doesn't care [x2]

Millions in insurance

Covers the wrecked lot

And a week till it's condemned

Is all slumlord's got

He enters the basement

With three gallons of gas

And four hours later

There's nothing but ash

Slumlord doesn't care [x2]

The newspaper's all read

Forty die in the blaze

Slumlord now thinks

That crime really pays

And two years later

A skyscraper appears

With a plaque in the memory

Of the forty that died here

Slumlord doesn't care [x2]


Slumlord / D.r.i.

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