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 Dres Dresмодный лейбл

Crazy World

erbally its dinner time..me and

mine dine exquisite...Ice like a blizzard.. rockin crocks and

lizards..me and Poof in the Ac..North Kack be where we're


hits at the Ritz allway down to Sugar Shacks..matter fact

we got it sewn..lock stock and barrel...bout to hit you soon keep

your eye on the sparrow...Gotta bounce when you hear it

..turn it up a notch..cause man Fat Daddy bout to blow up your


keep it hot like July ...you can't deny that we fly...see

we play every day from L.A. to N.Y..and cross seas we got trees

in the

West Indes...Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord

Mercy...With fourty thieves, I be chillin..keep the Champagne

spillin..theres no need for illin..representin all my children...as the

world turns ..gravity pulls..we hold it down..It's Q..D...T...and

me...The best pound for pound

Vs.2: IQ


Crazy World / Dres

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