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Look to the mirror

What do you see?

Beneath the shadows

Hiding your face

I can see hatred

Consuming fear

There is no reason

No cause to live

Beneath and buried deep down

There still is hope

Come with me follow

Way to the light


Crying for sake of our sins

Weeping for our fate

Quietly I face pouring rain in the night

Washing our faces where we stand

Sign of desperation

I slowly walk from the light


Beast stirs in its sleep

Feed the flames, fester hate

Burning embers, fiery eyes

Spill your blood, you will die!

Whispers of darkness, lead you astray

There is no truth in those

Heart still beats, there's life in you

where there is life, yet hope still remains

In darkness I feel

Kind of silence

Fear is the key

To open that door

Embrace my wounded heart

Take me to dark

Follow path of hate

New meaning to my hateful life



Tears / Dreamtale

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