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Time Of Fatherhood

I'm watching the nightly sky

Like looking for answers from there

How am I going to say goodbye?

To you, the only one I care

Who knows what is my destiny?

Why (do) I have to escape my feelings?

And run with so much pain inside of me

Can I survive and forget everything that I feel?

Can I cover myself up in a veil of steel?

For no reason at all

I deny my feelings

I escape my life

I picture your face in my head

It makes me lose my mind

And all the feelings that I've thought dead

Wake alive

Now when years have passed from that night

When I fled and left you alone

Carrying new life by your inside

How have you got on, is everything all right?

These thousands of thoughts in my mind

Without answers at all


Time of Fatherhood

Then too much for me

I snuck out of your life, like a thief

Forgive me, no escaping anymore

Give me new chance to live


Time Of Fatherhood / Dreamtale

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