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Memories Of Time

Time is running so fast

This moment that you live

Instantly everything is past

And you wonder where the time has gone

When you were young

You thought I can do that tomorrow

But in moments the years have gone

You feel that you are too old, now it's too late


Live, and make true all of your dreams

When you are young

Memories are gold, when you are old


Just Memories of Time

Live forever over our lives

They will see the future

To the end of the time

This little moment that we live here

Don't let us waste it in vain

Let's sail at full speed straight on

Every single dream

Is made to come true for all of us

When we believe in the future

And what it will bring to us

Look behind

The curtain of the world

You'll see how beautiful all could be

If you take challenge of this wonderful life







Memories Of Time / Dreamtale

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