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Shadow lies bloodless on the hill

Frozen in the night of forgiven

Ceased to exist, in one life

As only the memory that remains

In the woods, where's eternity?

I sit in the valley of greed and daylight

Love to the stars and my Elven-dryad

My own savior, angel of night, my betrothed

For aeons I was with you, my friends

Amongst the mortals in their dreams

Burned out in the one star's end

Among enlightened thousands shining


Gazing from the sky, night in my eyes

As Elf I watch you, in my memories

So bright, doomed to die in starlight

Eternally I walk in the twilight

And bright are the stars that smile on me

And great is the joy I had with you

And remember me as the wolf that stares

With love, in the forest of dreams

With yellow eyes, all wise with color of Grey

So many times I was a stranger with you

Just a tiny little shadow that frightened

All days and nights, ran away in the rain

Where the trees are living and flowers are blue

I dream of the stars and my angel with me


Farewell... / Dreamtale

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