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 Asphyx Asphyxрок-группа

Summoning The Storm

Music by B. Bagchus & E. Daniels Lyrics by W. Gubbels

Summoned from the fields of terror
We approach with a ghastly speed
Devoted to the cause of aggressive submission
Striking down the enemy?s opposition

Brought forth by the sun
Riding on the streams of destruction
Our wings are carried by blackest emotions
Carrying the instruments of perdition

Resistance is futile and expect no mercy
As your movements attracts our attention
No life will be spared nor the opportunity will be given
To oppose the usurper?s visions

We?re all here to proclaim your doom
And to end your rule in fire
Praying won?t help and crying is senseless
As you drown in the sea of blood

A prey is spotted, the dive being set in
The howling will paralize your mind
Craving for blood, eyes fixated
Claws reach out for striking

Sudden death is our game
Experience your morbid fate
Returning to the lair of the victorious


Summoning The Storm / Asphyx

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