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 Asphyx Asphyxрок-группа

God Cries

2000 years ago
someone died
he is known to man as the son of a god

what kind of father lets his son die?
his time will come; an eye for an eye
look at a history of 2000 years
there's no joy left; there are only tears

and as time went on
wars and hunger;
the inheritance of his son
and soon we'll join him in the battle
against you
there's only one thing left to do


god cries, blood on his hands and tears in his eyes
godforsaken dreams, the failure and the shame

let's goon the other side, let us cross the styx
not out of curiosity, we want revenge

when we meet our maker
we'll ask him why
and we stab him in the back
just as he did to us

now we're on the other side
we know what we came for
blood for blood is the rule
our judgement has come


2000 years ago
someone died


God Cries / Asphyx

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