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 Dream Theater Dream Theaterпрогрессив- металлическая группа


- ("uncovered" show at ronnie scott's jazz club, london - 1/31/95)

[an acoustic version can be found on the "acoustic dreams" cd.]

- geddy lee (rush - from the album "2112")

All of the seasons

And all of the days

All of the reasons

Why i've felt this way

So long, so long

Then lost in that feeling

I looked in your eyes

I noticed emotion

And that you had cried

For me

I can see


What would touch me deeper

Tears that fall from eyes

That only cry?

Would it touch you deeper

Than tears that fall from eyes

That know why?

A lifetime of questions

Tears on your cheek

I tasted the answers

And my body was weak

For you

The truth


Dream Theater

Tears / Dream Theater

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