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 Asphyx Asphyxрок-группа

Incarcerated Chimaeras

Incessantly prevalent and magnanimous
Fulminate, convincing and inviolable
Lodging the earthly shivers
Determined not to be vanished
Because it's prophesied and destined for ages

The vaultings and ghastly dungeons
A foundation of hell
Conducive to dominate
Against intruders and predestined visitors
Avoiding could save many lives

Phenomena and vaguely perceptible forms
Which are held, couldn't find freedom
Forever hidden from the outer world
By the statical and substantial edifice of evil

Unknown sources
No past, no future
Just visual attendance
No inducements, no destination
Lodging the earthly shivers
In everlasting rapture
Condemned by time
An unbreakable pact

Housing the roamers,
Separated from their bodies
Charged by the master
The one who disposed the ending of a life

Intolerant desperation


Incarcerated Chimaeras / Asphyx

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