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They Dont Understand Alternative

Oh they don't understand, no-oh, mmm mmm mmm mmm

They say we're just playing games

That it isn't real

But it's what we feel, oh yeah

And they say it doesn't make sense

That we're just wasting time

And they wonder why, yeah

You know we got our own special language

That only we can speak, ooh-ooh, oh yeah

And no-one else knows what it means, oh no


They don't understand

How we communicate

Oh so many things that we do and say

They don't really get

What it's all about

No they never can understand...

Oh, mmm mmm mmm mmm

I can't explain if they don't know why

This is serious

We're not delirious, wo-oh

Why can't they see that our love is true?

It just goes to prove they don't have a clue, no no

You know we got our own world to live in (we got our own world, uh-oh)

And we're so far apart, oh yes we are

To make it clear I don't know where to start, oh no


No, understand... no-oh, ooh ooh yeah yeah yeah yeah

You know we got (we got) our own special language (own special language)

That only we can speak, oh yes yeah yeah yeah (yeah yeah yeah)

And only we know just what it means

(What it means, what it means)

What it means, oh...

(Chorus x2

They Dont Understand Alternative /

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