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 Asphyx Asphyxрок-группа

Last One On Earth

(Van Drunen/Van Drunen,Daniels)
Behold my final testimony I'm the survivor of my race
hear the tale of sadness adn genocide where the species disappeared
and the trees could no longer breathe a drama of collective suicide
as we let our children suffer in a paradise long gone
utopia has never within reach but we still kept believing
in the madness and the lies read my words that's all that I beseech
As we died because of our ignorance as we died because of greed
because of our stupidity now I'm the last one to scream
The mountains now are rising and the oceans start to boil
the final convulsion of the earth the heat is melting every stone
volcanes start to roar cosmic chaos no hope for rebirth


Last One On Earth / Asphyx

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