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I was in love with a married girl

For seven years out of eight

We carried on in secrecy

In shadows I would wait

I learned to love with her other life

I wouldn't let it break us down

'Cause she said what she did behind my back

Was unimportant when I was around.

One night when the leaves had turned to gold

I sold my love for change

I met a younger single girl

And the balance got rearranged

Maybe it helped me to feel less vulnerable

Maybe it was just a seven year itch

And I got a job with more money but I

Lost the very thing that made me rich

Months went by without incident

'Though I was living a life of lies

Calculated to protect the innocent

But when I saw her she would cry

She begged me to tell her it was all over now

She cried for me to set her free

But I had to hold on to everything

Couldn't bear to let her forget about me

Oh well the rain was falling down

And so she went away

And I was buoyed up by the praise of sycophants

And the false security of the take home pay

Maybe she wrote just to see if I loved her still

Maybe she wrote just to say goodbye

But I never saw the words she wrote

Only the tears that were in my eyes

One day when the leaves are green again

Maybe she'll let me in

We'll sit and talk about everything

Just like we were old friends

But I couldn't ever get used to it

No I wouldn't let it break us down

'Cause I know what I did behind her back

Was unimportant when she was around

Unimportant when she was around

Unimportant when she was around.

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