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Just a touch of industry,

Monday morning,

Put on your collar and head straight out

Everyone's waiting, don't be late...

Uptown midday,

Sound of the city on slow decay

See the faces behind private eyes

As you pencil in their lives

In the humdrum,

Can you hear the doldrum,

Stepping outside the firing line

There's a foreman standing on a bridge of iron

And the men walk across it to go back to work

In their monday morning shirts

And they don't run

And when the work's done.

At nights, the streets are alive with

Catwalk, West Side Story, flashback parade,

In this quick fire, cry tough world

Men with ambition


Be loved.

Moving up to another rung

Feel the heart of the city beating tight as a drum

Playing 'Move on up' and the never stop

A whole world living out 'Beat the Clock'

And it's said and done

'Look after number one'

Ultimatum, deadline

Wound up so tight

'Til you can't unwind

Worlds within worlds, some built out of nothing

By those who left this world behind

Driven on by fear or ambition


Waiting in line,

Things will work out fine

They just take a little time.

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