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I, I was never very young

I walk like a stranger through this world

No, no you don't know me

Although I'm with you

I'm so far away...

But it wasn't the heat that

Threw the night into turmoil

Put the city in darkness

And soldiers on the street

But the car

Burning up on the roadside

For all those in exile

Waiting to be released

In city

Surrounded by slums

Invaded by soldiers

Invaded by debt

Under dictator

Who escalates terror

Provoking further

Intensive civil unrest

And in the fear of

The nights' disappearances

A conspiracy of silence

Spread up around us like a wall

Between commemoration candles

And the twelve o'clock curfew

You started to feel less

Until you couldn't feel at all

Stood on the wrong side

Of the barricades in the national strike

Then became exile


Soldiers shooting into the crowd at the university

Growing up under government

Where to be young is to be the enemy


Where soldiers tear gas churches

And there's ten thousand missing persons

Whose cases are never solved

And the government advises not to get involved

No Te Metas...

Someday we'll return there

From the years spent in exile

To the land where we were born

From the years spent in exile

Someday we'll be free there in the land where we were born.

Humdrum /

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