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(Be aware of where racism can lead us; never forget)
There are those amongst us ignorant who
Think that they are not only superior to other
Races, but are the carriers of a superior
Morality and culture, these groups are
Generally composed of discontented people
Who target others with racist propaganda
And acts of violence
We are the children, we are the ones
On a mission of god, we are the soldiers,
We'll dominate, you'll beg like a dog
Mother and father follow the leader,
He shall redeem, take down minority,
Wipe out the weak, white is supreme
Making your father, making you feel disgrace
Shame on your color, shame on your creed
And your race
Prey on the anger, prey on the fear,
Everything is justified, bred to hate,
We must never forget the goal is genocide
Sick fucking racist, you were born to be


Never / Annihilator

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