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On Reflection

And on reflection

I thought I knew you

But as they all say

You always lose

You find the right face

In every street cafe

I though I knew the score

But I was wrong again

And when old friends

All seem ex-directory

And when friendship

Seems harder to dial

Then sometimes

Like a 'B' movie ending

I see life

As a series of old cliches

She had the perfect smile

Oh I can see her now

In every movie ad

And every back street bar

I was enchanted

In every single way

She kept the key but she

Didn't want to stay

Do you remember

When we were oh so young

We saw no end to time

Our love could never die

Now I'm an old man

Too old for crazy games

But I'll still dream of you

Until your image fades


On Reflection /

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