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Its Drastic

The way that I been talkin the way that i been walkin

Got niggaz in a daze and hoes they amazed

Now how could I be stopped some bars or some cops

Some haters or some glocks this shit be treel

In the presence of dealers and niggaz that don't care

Some niggaz that keep a quart and bust they glocks in the air

My guillotine and infantry they marchin like troops

Bullets vestes and choppers man fatigues and boots

Keep my distance from bustas don't fuck around with suckas

Cause them all brand niggaz will get you fucked and dealt with

For me I don't play no games the 2000 John Wayne

Shoot em up bang bang up in here like Jesse James

D-R-A-M-A don't want now days

Chorus 1x

It's drastic it's drastic

Zippin bodies ni plastic in plastic

Puttin niggaz in casckets in casckets

Nigga this shit is dratsic it's drastic

Zippin bodies in plastic in plastic

Puttin niggaz in casckets in caskets

It's drastic

Nigga where I live don't try me because I'm treel

And keep a crome in case ya'll niggaz don't wanna a test

What the fuck you thanl gotta be about my bank

Ya'll niggaz be jawjakin who me I'm bout klik klakin

And they steady bustin it's time for repurcussion

Keep my enemies close and uh act like I'm ghost

Godby be my chopper and always keep my strap

Cause down here round here bring it on why don't ya

Chorus 1x

I got 12 barrels of C4 rocket launchers and grenades

Assassinated (?) to show these that I'm made

Now who in the fuck gon stop me I got power like a gotti

Just call me Mr. Lou the one that taught the rule

Leavin niggaz delirious this shit here serious

Niggaz runnin into death like a bad case of diarrhea

And when the slug hit your chest your gonna burn like on a grill

I done told ya once I done told ya twice

Bitch this is drastic

Chorus 1x

Its Drastic /

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