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The Secret

Blade on blade, they are crossing the swords

Sparkles fly and the duel begins

Artan knows that he has to prevail

Leaving fear in the back of the heart

[Bridge 1:]

Slayn is decided not to let him pass

He has a dark smile on his lips


On through the path of glory they are marching on

There is a secret and tonight it will be known

Call of the destiny will bind them like a chain

Nothing will ever be the same

Not again

By his sword Slayn is stronger than all

Artan is falling to the ground

Helmet breaks, and reveals his face

Battle ends, by the hand of fate

[Bridge 2:]

Looking at Artan Slayn is turning pale

Standing in silence he awaits


[Bridge 3:]

Slayn has decided now to let him pass

Nobody's winning in the end


The Secret /

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