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The Walls Of Olathoe


You'd never ever hear of Olathoe in the land of Lomar again, its story was buried 26000 years

ago where Polaris shines high in the sky. But if you find a silver key in a black wooden box,

you still may roam there in your dreams and hear what once was huge walls, laughing beneath the

ice and telling you the whole tale.

[part 1 - war]


We wait with no fear, all is prepared

We shall defend this town, no one is...

Scared by the enemy even tho' we're few

You're drawing near and we have iron for you

Our mate on the look-out is scanning the field

Polaris' watching and we stand, ha ha!


A cry breaks the night, some soldiers are hit

The Inuto are here, no time left

Watch out behind us we're caught by surprise

The look-out man fell under Polaris' light

By the time I see one, two of us has died

Their swords are more, but we still have our pride

Oh, Olathoe, oh...

Marble walls are painted red, oh don't give our home free

See our wives and children cry, don't dive into defeat


We'll die now in war, but we still ain't lost

I speak to you my walls, I pray you

We were the founders of this town I live

We built you and the marble palaces for peace

Defended you in war through aeons with pride

So punish the stranger, take vengeance while we die

Oh, Olathoe, oh...

Marble walls...

[part 2 - defeat]

No mercy was shown to them at all

You'd never hear mentioned Lomar again

Inuto were then mocking with pride

A wonderful land wich now belonged to them

Marble walls, you'd say they never fall

Palaces and streets, you'd say you were in heaven -a

The Walls Of Olathoe /

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