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Soldiers of Death

Sparkling in the sun

Armed of steel and leather we are

Our red sign over the shield is symbol of death

Hate in the eyes, riding black horses... ready to strike!

Masters of war, showing no mercy, and no remorse


Wherever we go, death will follow on


Marching soldiers of death, so proud to fight and to die

We will win in the end, and we will conquer this land

Marching soldiers of death, ready to fight and to die

Our glory will shine will light an eternal fire

Drinking the blood of our foes we crucify

An open skull over the banner it's our flag



Fires-burning the fires-we'll never die

Marth-the evil god-guarding us all

Blood-running the blood-won't let you go

Die-bow down or die-this is the time

With long black hair covered by a helmet made of bone

Ice in the eyes, fast as a lightning, grey as the sky

Big sword in hand guiding our troops, Slayn is the name

The only one, who never needs the power of Marth



Soldiers of Death /

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