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The Voice of The Wind

[The wind:]

Tell me what do you feel?


Wind takes my body embracing me

Receive me into his hands

My heart shall arise, my spirit flies into real life

I am taken by hand, my mind now understands

[The wind:]

I am the scream of freedom's dream

I'm in your fight for liberty

I'm in the battle for all that's right

Beyond the wall of human hate

Every brave heart I will move

Every true love I will know

I can be velvet, I can be steel

God of the air, (I) do what I will


I am the one you're searching

I am the Oracle-mine is the voice of the wind

I am the miracle of life-I'm everywhere I like


Listen to me, I'm the Voice of the Wind

Go now to the Crystal Sea

There you will find something that you will need

To break the mystical shield

Travel on to reach the Crystal Shore

Never rest, you know the time is short

Two days and one night you have to walk

Through the iced land of Aryon

If you want to end this bloody war

Beatin' Kamen is the only hope

But beware, 'cause even if you win

You will lose, this is my prophecy



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