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The Matrix

So many times in the past

I have been hearing

This word I don't understand:

What is |The Matrix|?

The quest is over today

'Cause the answer

Came right to me in the shape

Of Morpheus

[Bridge 1:]

Tell me what should I do

To get freedom of mind

For it's better to die for the truth

Than to live in a lie

I can't believe what I see

Is this the real world?

Can I be their chosen one

To end this evil?

About the Matrix I had

This revelation:

The only limit is my


[Bridge 2:]

Maybe I'm not the one

I don't think he is right

But I won't let my friend die for me

Not without any fight!



Now I know and I'm not afraid

For a new world is starting today


Now the secret has been unveiled

I'm the one who will ease all the pain

[Bridge 1]


The Matrix /

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