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So many hundreds of years ago a king was killed in a battle

Even his son was wounded to death, the only heir to the throne

The queen to save the life of the prince brought him to the dragon's lair

The dragon gave him a half of his heart, so he returned to life


Knight and the dragon together will fight against the king of the evil

He has corrupted the old dragon's heart, and he will pay with his blood

Knight and the dragon together will fight, tryin' to put down the tyrant

They are the last hope for this land to live

To live in freedom again

But growing up the new king betrayed what he did swear to the dragon

Evil and liar he became a tyrant, killing and raping for joy

The knight who was his master of sword, one day did meet the old dragon

And with a priest and a girl on their side, they did begin the rebellion

[chorus ]

[The Ancient Code:]

A knight is sworn to Valour, is heart only knows the Virtue

His sword defends the oppressed ones and serves the Truth

The final battle is now taking place, there's only one way to win

To save the day, to kill the king, even the dragon must die

Great is the pain in the heart of the knight, striking the deadly blow

Draco and the king together they die, but the last dragon still smiles


Dragonheart /

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