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Judgement Failed

White lights defiled

Black shapes and horns

By my command, unleash the storm

Raising and forming alive

'Til delights get lost

In the sounds and power from hell

Blood of the damned

Invokes the scorned

Their helpless eyes just watching you

Drive home thy horn

Raising a prophecy of chaos and pain

That burst forth from flames to serve

What seemed metaphysical

But a faith that values darkned souls

Knows not that ways of man


Give praise to primal laws

Bound by crimson, bound by swords

Awaiting one last kiss

From unknown

Which way should the blood flow

Through the heart or out a hole

Asks the man about to become


[Lead Jam: Peterson, Smyth]

Judging me, judging God, judging you

Judging me, judging you, judgmental

Judgement failed

Judgement Failed /

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