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Unholy Void

Astrophysics tipped the scale

Dimensional fractal nightmare

Celestial mechanics signal cleared

To find out if there is life distant or near

Erase hypotheses quantum

Infinity frontier mission

Vortex behing the sun endeavors

Interstellar signal response

Into the lost

Unholy Void

Timeless and black (black)

Tragedy from a netherworld

Process galactic nebula

Draconian texture synthesis

Forces man to kneel his world

What's involved in

keeping balanced scales

All the stars hiding demigods

In the void axis expands

Universal death horizon

Lead: Smyth, Lead: Peterson

Displacement time travel engaged

The dawning of an astral inferno

Event horizon lost its way forever

Conquered by our own unknown


Into the lost


Timeless and black

Unholy Void /

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