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 Dragonland Dragonlandрок-группа

Majesty Of The Mithril Mountains

The time of wonders has come

The Dragons soaring high

To Dragonland this story takes you

Come, follow me to that world

The you will finally see

Who'll win, who'll lose this final battle

They live without light

They love without guidance

A hero to lead them they need

They fight without hope

They fight without glory

A lightbearing savior they need

A hero will come with the dawn

To give them the light and the spirit to fight

A hero to banish the darkness

And to bring balance to life

At last he meets his brothers

Down on the mountainslope

Majestic Mightsil mountains guide us

The time has come to strike back

To face the enemy

Once more upon the Ivory Plains

But now they have light

They know they have guidance

A hero to lead them has come

They now have the hope

To fight for their freedom

The son of the Dragons has come

A hero has come with the dawn

He's given them light

And the spirit to fight

They're fighting to banish the darkness

And bring back the balance to life


A story will unfold before you

A world full of magic and glory

A tale lasting through generations

Will finally end, end with this war...


Majesty Of The Mithril Mountains / Dragonland

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