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One With All

"Ascending through time and space

Oh great cosmos, hand me the key

Contemplating the fabric of your architecture

Oh great all, I see the key you hold

Unreachable for me... now

But I know, I know...

Your eternal ocean of infinite blazing lights

The stillness of your empty motions

Waves of eternity soothes unto my shell

Calming me as I see the reflection of my earthly leave

Entwining me with the continuous structure of time

Knowledge of ages compressed into my state of being

Rising into a higher stream of consciousness

Crowning me into the corestones of "heaven"

Facing me with old, embittered entities

Higher beings, driven insane in the mighty river of eternity

Pitiful creatures, I wash them away... falling down they are

No more tyranny,

No more games,

No more... No more

But despite this freeing of the kingdoms of Dragonland

Emptiness I feel, hollow inside I can't take on the throne alone

The sorrow of my dear still rages in my heart...

I'll end my existence, let me pass unto the other side

Where my bleeding heart will find peace in your loving embrace

Thou art my angel, my only one... together we are the KEY

And thus eternity's saga ends..."


One With All / Dragonland

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