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Blazing Hate

My beloved one, my heart's chosen, now lay buried among all of

the people I have truly cared for. While insane with grief and

hatred I honoured my lost love with a moment's peace, before

I called on my horse to ride away and seek the evil one.

I rode in rage for what felt like a day, when I came across a

pack of fleeing orcs. As I dismounted my horse and set my feet in

the rainy mud they came raging for me, wielding their axes in the

air. I slayed the two largest of the orcs, but the smallest, in

fear of my raging sword, told me of where to seek the Evil One.

As my failed predecessor I would find my foe on the highest

mountain, upon a throne of bones. My goal was now clear, and the

Dark Lord would soon suffer my beloved's fate..."

Finally I stand before my nemesis

Burning hatred's flowing through my veins

I raise my sword in a silent greeting

With fury my battlecry sounds

Spawn of darkness die by my hand, paint my sword red

You shall suffer my beloved's fate

Die now bastard you have destroyed all that I lived for

You shall suffer like my people have

What is there now for me?

My foe lie slain before my feet

I see dark shadows flee

But still the rage possesses my heart

It feels like I'm on fire

Blazing hate has now consumed my mind

Still I'm searching for a foe

The hordes has broken their ranks

In chaos they're retreating

I'm gonna hunt them down one by one

The lastremains of the once so mighty horde

Now lie bleeding in the soil

I throw my, I throw my hands up in the air

And howl for the pain I have to bear

What is there now for me?

I see the horde lie slain before me

The taste of victory's so bitter-sweet

My rage turns into so


Blazing Hate / Dragonland

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