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A Secret Unveiled

"Now that i've lost my beloved brother, i took his advice

I've searched for the one he claimed to be my true father...the king of kings

The fearsome lord of the mithril mountain the king of dragons!

It was a warm yet expected welcome, i spent many a night there

And found out a great deal of my past, and i was told that there's still a

chance to

save our kingdom and world!

The leader of the dark hordes the dweller of night, the

destructor of light he must be destroyed in order to scatter the hordes

...he also told me that it is my real brother...

It will be done...i will find you bastard son"

I've wandered for months searching

Time grows short i need an answer

Now i know your name

I have come to cleanse this world

And to rid it all from evil

It has to be done

Now i know the name of the one, the bastard son

It's so clear, Still so much has to be done

I will find you wherever you are

There's nowhere to hide

The power of light guides me right

You sold your soul to learn the secrets of the night

Rejected and cold

May in sickness you dwell

Father tell me what i'm to do

They have burned my home

All i love has died

Follow the path of death, so much pain, all in vain

The road's long and hard, destruction's a horrible sight

I will find you...

[Solo: N.M]

The dark side ravages and plunders still

I must hurry and find an answer soon

[Solo: E.H]

I will find you...


A Secret Unveiled / Dragonland

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