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A Last Farewell

"To leave someone you love deeply without hope

of ever seeing each other again, can tear the hardest heart apart.

But sometimes you must act unselfish and do what you feel

you have to, even if it bears against you...life is not always fair"

[Solo: O.M, N.M]

The time has come for me

To ride on towards the ivory plains

But don't you shed no tears now

Someday i might come home again

I'd give you the moon and sun

If you'd stay with me

If i gave you the world

Would you stay here by my side?

But i might return again

Oh, please stay with me

I must follow the call of my king

Oh, stay with me

My land has now burned down

Blackened soil is all that now remains

The ashes of my home

All that was just slips through my hands

As i gaze into the fire

Loneliness sets in

As the flames fades away

You're disappering from my reach

I have to go

Let me come and ride by your side

My love, my only one

My love, my only one

Heartbreaking melody, enveloped in tragedy

Tears are falling, my destiny's calling

In our darkest hour, oh, never say goodbye

A song for our last farewell, our last farewell

For you i write these words, a song of our last farewell

I know i won't come home again, a last farewell

Heartbreaking melody, enveloped in tragedy

This is our final farewell, our last farewell...


A Last Farewell / Dragonland

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