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Facing The Mountain

[General Dragonheart] - "Look ahead! Look at that mountain! The victory starts here! Fight for your lives! Fight.. for the alliance!"

6. Mountain Of Rising Storm

[Lead vocals: Eduardo Marques]

For the honor, for the glory

For the alliance, for the king

For the honor, for the glory

For the alliance, for the king

What do you want?

We want your blood

The blood of your cowards

So feel our sword

Do you want to fight?

Welcome to my realm

Get into the battle

Taste our steel

On the mountains where the armies fight

Welcome to my realm

Where the spells reign above the steel

On the top of the hill

The battle has begun

Knights and armors

Bright with the sun

Mountain of the rising storm

The curse floats on the wind

Mountain of the rising storm

We are afraid to get lost in the mist

[Solo (Eduardo Marques)]

Get down to my spell

I never give up

You can't win

My revenge will begin

You've got nothing

I'll show you your death

Don't urge my anger

You're my guest

The destiny castle

Is under the siege

Get down on your knees

And get surrender

In the name of King

When the battle has begun

The violence was spread everywhere

The alliance army fought with honor and proud

But they didn't break the spells of the master wizard

The legions were falling but the Dragon Heart...

Took the skull's staff and the wizard's power finally fell down

Facing The Mountain /

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