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Ruff Ryders Anthem (remix)

This thing right here is for my peoples in the streets (uh huh)

And this thing right here and get your ass off your feet (come on)


They call me drag-on,

Its time to bomb,

I'll burn'em all

Till they all say

Turn em off '

Cause these chicks

I'ma run em all

Chickenheads know i be the colonel

Cuz i burn eternal

Mixes wit they infernal

So be careful 'fore i burn you

You better learn dude,

Yeah i heard you

But i'ma hurt you,

But you don't know

My verses too is a virtue

Ruff ryders be the team,

Which means a lot cream,

Lot of schemes

Lot of beams

To make your stock drop,

Right on the seams

Nigga here is too hot

And too much

For you to touch

Better tell your man cuz i'm too tough

Inaudibly too dust do you bust

Cuz we do you can ask people

But quietly

But they don't believe until they leave violently

Is you buying us

Cuz niggas that purchase is under the dirt kid

They call me drag-on;

I'm the youngest buck at bunkers

Collabo' wit my dogs from yonkers

But this bronx bombers

Spitting flame so you better

Wear your armor

Flame on!

Chorus: dmx (repeat 2x)

My dogs gon' stop; your dogs gon' drop

And then we go, shut'em down open up shop

First we had em like ohh,

Now they like no

What baby that's how ruff ryders roll


When i pop up,

I lock shop up,

Pull the drop up

Park a block up,

Hit the alarm,

Put the top up

Stash the 'dro in my sock

Then pull my sock up

And keep the burner

But if it's hot put my glock up

You know what i'm about

Sliding off

Get my cock su

Ruff Ryders Anthem (remix) /

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