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Tell Your Friends

[Drag talking]

Yah, I'm back niggaz

Ha Ha y'all don't think the kid gonna come back y'all crazy


I rock a Burberry hood, my hood is very hood

My gat is solid metal, my bat is heavy wood

Drag is under rated, my coke is heavy weighted

Y'all wanna be a blood, well that's wut I'ma soak your face in

Coughin up blood, I soften up thugs I make a nigga show me love or throw me slugs

I'm in the club with groupies, and groups of threes So getting ran up on the block by a group of Dee's

I've been shot three movies, my deal comin soon I'm past sellin crack I got pills comin soon

And I'm not no dancer, my moms got cancer

So I aint celebrating shit, until these doctors get the answer

Prolly never get a Grammy never get an Oscar But I got a twelve foot fish tank with Piranhas and Oscar's

I aint gonna ask who shot ya, nine times out of the ten I know who did

I know your bitch, get at 'em Kiss

[Chorus: repeat X2]

Tell your friends, I'ma tell your friends (my friends)

We can be friends, on the weekends (be friends)-aca

Tell Your Friends /

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