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Respect My Gangsta

Yeah, what up?

New York City, what up?

This your boy, to the Dash

S.P., Double R

Hell and Back

Styles straight out the penn

[Styles P]

You don't like my shit you could bite my dick

I got a case, I'ma fight my shit

I got a blunt, I'ma light my shit

I'ma chain smoke with cocaine sellers

Stick up kid took the game over

Niggaz hate death, still gotta break necks

I'm at the dealer coppin shit they ain't make yet

You think you're nigga happy, I'm just trigger happy

Phone ring a lot, niggaz throwin figgas at me

I got major plans, you get in the way

And your throat is the place where my banger lands

You don't wanna anger me, upset me or startle me

You don't want a part of me, I'm goin for the arteries

And I'm a colt-45 user, G-Host to the game of death

You about to die loser

This is Holiday and Dash-On

We burn a whole fuckin house down so I don't need a mask on

[Chorus: Drag-On

Respect My Gangsta /

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