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I'm walking on the dark ice of the North

The end of my journey is near

Every step is a wound

While dust is my death bed

The white sun

Is touching me

Freezing my blood

My pale face

The world goes away

I'm walking on the red snow of the East

I can see monstrous shapes under the ice

Wriggling in paroxysm of pain

In agony, madness and rage

Memory is already - dead

Future dead - as well

Faith without - good deeds

The old world - is gone

Our life is bound to die

Death's chill

Will get me

Will freeze my blood

Will suck my face

Will throw me down

I'm walking in the dead woods of the South

No one has won

The holy earth is dying

Asleep under the whip of ice

Helpless and naked

Our memory is bound to die

Memory /

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