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Feel My Pain


As I sit an position myself

am I cocky coz I only play my shit and listen to myself

or am I striving for perfection? answer that

ah fuck it I cocky and I about to perfect rap NIGGA!

and I roam these streets

thats why my songs is deeper than death itself

I went from no food in the fridge to a platter on my shelf and I watch it

and y'all ain't gotta give me that but keep ya hand out my pocket HATERS!

coz you makin me nervous it ain't worth it

we don't want no accident when I flip on purpose

coz we don seen so many tradgeties done

September 11th, 2001 REMEMBER

like how could I forget I lost my man pop in that shit

help me get a grip

I think I'm losing it doo

because between life an death I be confusing the two


And sometimes I don't give a fuck if I live or die

but I think if I don't give a fuck about myself who else will I'm stressin


guess I was raised the wrong way

thats why I walk around with the long eighth

and dun shed so many tears I have none left

sometimes I sat and prayed for death

I feel like its 11:45 a quarter to 12

15 minutes to my days is over thats why its hard to stay soba

so I drink in the rain and smoke in the sun

and create my own clouds not have'n to think of the pain

sometimes I think I'm going insane

I get mad and shout God's name in vain

fogive me for my sins he got me laughin again

he got me back rappin again now help me choose my friends

my gats the closest one to me

but if my gun could take the stand and tell

ill be doin life in jail

like judge he made me do it

it ain't the gun its the nigga behind it that shoot it, thats ruthless


you see alot of niggaz don't want dra

Feel My Pain /

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